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Affective Worldmaking

Wednesday, 30 March 2022

Publikation aus dem Fellowship-Projekt unter der Leitung von Assoz. Prof. Silvia Schultermandl

What makes up a public, what governs dominant discourses, and in which ways can counterpublics be created through narrative? This collection

Affective Worldmaking. Narrative Counterpublics of Gender and Sexuality, edited by Silvia Schultermandl, Jana Aresin, Si Sophie Pages Whybrew und Dijana Simic (2022)

brings together essays on affect and narrative theory with a focus on the topics of gender and sexuality. It explores the power of narrative in literature, film, art, performance, and mass media, the construction of subjectivities of gender and sexuality, and the role of affect in times of crisis. By combining theoretical, literary, and analytical texts, the contributors offer methodological impulses and reflect on the possibilities and limitations of affect theory in cultural studies.Was macht eine Öffentlichkeit aus, was bestimmt dominante Diskurse und auf welche Weise können Gegenöffentlichkeiten durch Erzählungen geschaffen werden?

Open access publication by transcript.

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