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Gender Matters: Aging, Care, and Migration

Local cooperation partner: Assoz. Prof. Dr. Ulla Kriebernegg, Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Aging and Care
Junior Fellow: Mag. Anna Kainradl

Incoming Senior Fellow: Prof. Dr. phil. Helen Kohlen, VPU Vinzenz Pallotti University 
Incoming Junior Fellows: Stefan Schweigler, BA MA

Duration: August 2022 to February 2024
Conference: planned for May 2023


In the project "Gender Matters: Aging, Care, and Migration" current insights of gender and intersectionality research are applied to the understanding of narratives of age(ing) of women (60+) with migration background and experiences. In the synopsis of the research foci age(ing), care and migration, phenomena of particular social explosiveness emerge. The dynamics of invisibility and marginalization, which also become effective for migrant women, gain in complexity in the field of health and care services in old age(ing). The three main research areas of age(ing), care and migration show manifold thematic overlaps; a common approach from the respective (aging studies, care ethics and migration studies) feminist tradition therefore promises new insights for the common research field.

The aim is to look at age(ing), care and migration through the critical lens of gender and intersectionality research, to relate them to each other and thereby to set new impulses for a multi-perspective theoretical conceptualization in the field of feminist aging and care research.

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