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Incoming Junior Fellows

Jana Aresin

completed her MA in Advanced Migration Studies at the University of Copenhagen in 2018. After working at the Center for Art on Migration Politics (Copenhagen, Denmark) and the Berlin Institute for Population and Development, she has been a research fellow at the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg since 2019 working in the DFG project "Reeducation Revisited: Transnational and Comparative Perspectives on the Post-World War II Period in the US, Japan, and Germany".

October 2020 to January 2021
Augustin Derado

earned his Master’s degree in Sociology at the University of Zagreb (2013) and is currently a doctoral candidate in Sociology at the University of Zadar, writing a dissertation thesis titled „Life Strategies and Survival Strategies of Individuals and Households in Post-transition Croatia“. His research interests centre on gender, social strategies, qualitative sociology and relational Bourdieusian methodology. He has collaborated on projects about social inequalities (SNFS SCOPES); youth, politics and populism (EU FP7); societal values of culture (Horizon 2020); and relational gender identities in a modernization and development context (Croatian Science Foundation).

April to September 2021
Jasmin Doubek

Teacher education in German Philology as well as History, Social Studies and Political Education at the University of Vienna; diploma thesis on the construction of femininity in Austrian time novels of the interwar period. Research interests include gender studies, literary theory, social history and social criticism.

March to August 2020
Louise Earnshaw

is a historian working on gender, society, and the First World War. She earned both her bachelor's and master's degrees at the University of Oxford and is now a doctoral candidate at the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies at the University of Leeds. Her research aims to understand how violence and trauma were experienced and understood by men and women in Germany and Austria during World War I and the interwar period. Louise is particularly interested in the experiences of non-combatants and auxiliaries and how they can reconcile their own lived experiences with their memories of the war.

June to September 2022
Yannick Ecker Master Urban Geographies – Human Geography at the Humboldt University of Berlin with a master's thesis on "Precariousness and the symbolic economy of space-time – an empirical consideration of imaginative geography in the Berlin context"; organizes the interdisciplinary student working and reading group projekt//raum March to June 2020
Friederike Hesse completed the Bachelor's degree in midwifery at FH JOANNEUM Graz and the Bachelor's and Master's degree in sociology at Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main. She currently works as a freelance midwife in Frankfurt, as Associate Editor for the Zeitschrift für Hebammenwissenschaft and as a lecturer. October 2020 to May 2021

Darija Ivošević

completed her BA and MA in Sociology and Contemporary Italian Philology at the University of Zadar. Her master's thesis was on “Gay Men's Coming Out Experience” and she is currently a student of postgraduate doctoral study in Sociology of Local and Regional Development at the University of Zadar with research interests in gender theory, social ecology, sociology of space and qualitative methodology. April to September 2021
Julia Lingl

Teacher education with a combination of philosophy/psychology, German and art (University of Vienna, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna); member of the "Arbeitskreis Kulturanalyse" (aka). For quite some time she has been dealing with questions from Queer and Gender Studies which she pursues in interdisciplinary and artistic workshops, performances and contributions, for example on Time/Space/Gender, Queer Art of Failure and Female Masculinity or Queer Pedagogy.

March to August 2020
Miriam Metze

She completed her BA and MA in Philosophy (specialization in ethics and aesthetics) at the University of Vienna and is now working on her dissertation project "Cartography of Naked Life. A Phenomenology of the Biopolitical with Giorgio Agamben".

January to September 2020
Elisabeth Pedersen Elisabeth Pedersen completed a MA in sociology at the Masaryk Universiy Brno as well as a MA at the Charles University in Prague. April to July 2022
Merziye Cicek Sahbaz Wemmer

After a BA in Philosophy at the University of Istanbul, she completed her MA in Philosophy at the University of Vienna in 2019. Her dissertation project is entitled "The Messianic Care of Jacques Derridas. The Political in the Horizon of Temporal Aporia".

October 2019 to September 2020
Chantal Sullivan-Thomsett After completing degrees at the Universities of Leeds and Sheffield, Chantal Sullivan-Thomsett is a PhD candidate at the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies at the University of Leeds. Her research interests are in the field of German politics and political culture and protest. September to December 2021
Henk Wiechers In 2019, he graduated with an M.A. in Urban and Regional Development from the University of Bremen. Prior to that, he studied Integrated Social Sciences at the Technical University of Braunschweig. He gained international experience at the Bahçeşehir University in Istanbul and the Université Lumière in Lyon, work experience as student assistant at several centers and institutes. March to June 2020
Laura Zilian She finished her Master's degree in Environmental Systems Sciences (focus Geography) at the University of Graz and works in a research project at the Vienna University of Business and Economics. Previously she also worked at the Graz Schumpeter Centre. November 2020 to March 2021
Stella Zilian Stella Zilian received her Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Graz and is currently enrolled in the PhD-programme at Vienna University of Business and Economics. In her PhD-thesis, she focuses on the empirical analysis of the relationship between technological change and inequality. November 2020 to April 2021

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