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Professor Ingrid Sharp

Research interests
In my research I look at individuals and groups, especially women, who have challenged dominant ideas and entrenched authority and sought change; at how moments of crisis and conflict can act as catalysts for these challenges, and how the aftermath of conflict offers a brief window during which societal and gender norms can be re-negotiated. My approach is from a Gender, Women’s and Cultural History perspective, with a particular interest in the ethical motivation of these parties and the ways in which they represent themselves and are represented in the culture of the time.

My research topics are reflected in and informed by my teaching, research supervision, invited conference papers and publications, and have been supported by internal and external research awards.

Gender and the First World War: A major area of my research and public engagement has focussed on WW1 and its aftermath, especially on women’s organisations and female activists during the period 1914-24, and on various forms and expressions of war resistance.

Women and the Reunification of Germany: My research into media representations of sexuality during the Wende and Unification found a national media echo when it was featured as the topic of the Improbable Research column in The Guardian published in August 2010.

Winner of the VC Award for Impact 2016 and the Public Engagement witrh research award 2018

Partners: Gateways to War Engagement CentreEveryday Lives in War Engagement CentreThe Peace Museum BradfordBent Architect Theatre Company


Selected publications

(2019) Psychology of War: Jane Addams and the Biology of Peace A Cultural History of Peace Bloomsbury.

(2018) L’Homme, Zeitschrift für europäische Geschlechtergeschichte  1914/18-revisited 29 (2) eds Christa Hämmerle, Ingrid Sharp, Heidrun Zettelbauer

(2018) Sharp, I.E and Stibbe, M, Internationalism in the Women’s Movement 1918-1939 Palgrave Macmillan.

(2018) ‘Gedenken an den Kriegswiderstand 1914/18 in Grossbritannien: eine geschlechtergeschichtliche Bilanz  in L’Homme 29 (2)

(2018) ‘A Peace Play in Wartime? Euripides’ Trojan Women in performance, Berlin 1916’ Classical Receptions Journal

2018 (with Matthew Stibbe)‘“In diesen Tagen kamen wir nicht von der Strasse…“ Frauen in der deutschen Revolution von 1918/19‘ Ariadne Forum für Frauen- und Geschlechtergeschichte Juli 2018 Heft 73-74 Die weibliche/n Geschichte/n der Weimarer Republik: 32-39.

(2017) Sharp, I.E and Stibbe, M (eds) Women activists between war and peace. Europe 1918-1923 Bloomsbury


Ingrid Sharp

2.09 Michael Sadler Building
University of Leeds
Woodhouse Lane
Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 9JT
United Kingdom

Phone:+43 316 380 - +44(0)113 343 3509

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